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SixFiftySeven is Bradfords most complete property group, with expertise in property consultancy, development, sales and end user property management.


Through our extensive network of contacts and various brands we are able to offer:


- Property Consultancy

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- Investors Sales

- Property Sales

- Property Rentals

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Not only do we specialise in residential property, but we also provide expertise in Bradfords growing Student Accommodation sector, working along side companies such at CRM Students and DIGS.


Our brands.


First established in 2009 as a residential letting agent in Bradford, we have gone from strength to strength establishing ourselves as one of Bradfords most reputable property groups, diversifying into Property Consultancy, Residential Property Sales, Student Accommodation, Retail Developments, Energy Assessments, Investor Sales and many many more property related services. Below are some of our brands.


Passionate About Bradford!


SixFiftySeven is passionate about Bradford, and why wouldn't we be? Bradford is a large, young and growing city with an unrivalled location at the centre of England, it has a multi skilled workforce, world renowned University and College and one of Englands most competitive property markets, which typically yield double digit returns.


The City is currently going through a massive transformation with many many large companies investing millions into Bradford, such companies include Westfield, with the development of the Broadway Shopping Centre, M&S, with their 1.1m st ft distribution centre, and Skelwith Developments, with their £45m Citygate development.


Bradford is definitely on the up, and with the help of SixFiftySeven we can help you find the perfect investment opportunity.


Watch the videos below to get a feel of what is happening in Bradford.



10 Reasons to Invest in Bradford.



1. Bradford has a big economy worth over £8.3bn, the third largest in the Yorkshire region after Leeds and Sheffield.


2. Economic growth since 2008 has outstripped the regional and national averages.


3. A number of major companies have their headquarters in the district including Morrisons, Yorkshire Building Society, Provident Financial, Hallmark Cards, Pace, Freeman Grattan Holdings and Yorkshire Water. Over 40 large companies are headquartered in the District employing 370,000 people across the UK with a combined turnover of £30billion.


4. Bradford is a Producer City. There are 1300 manufacturing businesses in Bradford employing 24,700 people, accounting for 12.8% of all employees, compared to 9.8% in Great Britain as a whole.


5. Bradford has 2,400 textile manufacturing jobs and a further 9,400 jobs in textile and clothing related industries such as chemicals, distribution and retail, including companies such as Marks and Spencer, Freemans Grattan, Damartex and Christeyns. The concept of 'shopping from home' was pioneered in Bradford by Empire 6. Stores and the city remains the home of Britain's biggest home shopping companies.


6. Bradford is a centre for Digital Technologies with companies such as Pace - the world's number one designer and manufacturer of digital set-top boxes, and Radio Design - award winning world leaders in wireless telecommunications product design. The term "World Wide Web" was first used in a journal published by the Bradford based publisher Emerald.


7. Bradford is 60% rural. Located close to the Yorkshire Dales it has a strong cultural offer and is a top UK residential hotspot.


8. Bradford has a growing population of 522,500 and is the youngest major city in the UK with 22.6% of the population under 16 years of age. The work age population is increasing by 1,700 every year.


9. Bradford University has been named as the number one university for graduate-level employment in Yorkshire and is in the top 20 nationally, as listed by the Sunday Times University Guide 2013.


10. Bradford's broadband speed is the highest of any city in the UK and is set to improve. Bradford is investing heavily in ultrafast broadband, 4G and city centre Wi-Fi to further improve access.


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